Umer Raaigaan Kardi (Ghazal)

Umer Raaigaan Kardi 
Tab Ye Baat Maani Hai

Mout Aur Mohabbat Ki Ek Hee Kahani Hai

Khail Jo Bhi Tha Jaana.n 
Ab Hisaab Kia Karna

Jeet Jis Kisi ki Ho Ham Ne Haar Maani Hai

Vasl Per Bhee Naadim Thay 
Hijr Per Bhi Sharmindah

Wo Bhi Raaigaani Thi Ye Bhi Raaigaani Hai

Ye Mera Hunar 
Teri Khusbuoun Se Waabasta

Mere Saaray Lafzon Per Teri Hukmarani Hai

Jaanay Kon Shehzaadah 
Kab Chura Ke Le Jaaye

Wo Jo Apne Aangan Mein Khusbuoun Ki Rani Hai
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