Holy Quran 3d software with English and Urdu translation

Holy Quran 3d software with English and Urdu translation

This softwares was to the Quran from Arabic, Urdu, English and Hindi languages is not subject to read easily in a variety of ways-this is also where the list has 114 surah's yet, and you can directly go to the para surah or verse to select you can also change the font to its-Shaykh Muhammad Fateh Muhammad jalandhari translation of Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation and ardoia of Hindi in any word in English can look. its look is full 3D.

Sura index:

Surah has one hundred and fourteen Surah index tab. Each Sura has its seven e.g. Sura fatiha and Sura are the verses 286 you can read whole Sura. Sura name and can read its a particular verse.

View mode:
Para index tab has thirty paras, each para has its Suras in the hierarchy, e.g. para has two Suras, Sura Anfal and surah Al-you can read by clicking the para name whole para ten symptoms, you can read .

View mode:
There are three methods for exploring the Holy Quran-1-Sura mode: in this mode you can read the whole Sura and Sura can navigate through next/prev buttons.(2) para mode in this mode you can read the whole para para can navigate through next/prev buttons.

language selection:
You to the Quran in Arabic, Urdu, English and language and can read a different combination
* Arabic
* English
* English
* Hindi
* Arabic + English
* Arabic + Urdu
* Arabic + Urdu + English

System requirements:
Windows 2000/XP or higher
Screen size 800 * 600 or higher
Dot NET Framework

Holy Quran in 3D look with urdu and english translation ( For 32bit Operating Systemes )

Holy Quran in 3D look with urdu and english translation ( For 64bit Operating Systemes )


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