While using internet, I have found so many websites which are blocked in some regions or may be some of blocked by their countries (reasons best known to them). Some of them are may be not good to be on the internet such as adult and porno websites and some of them are just accessible in specific regions and countries. But as a blogger, I have to collect all type of information, Biggtrixs for myself and also to share with my visitors. Also I have seen some of YouTube videos which are just playable in the specific countries. So this post is just for information purpose of how to 
unblock and access blocked websites which are blocked in your region or in country.

Best Ways to Access Blocked Websites:

Earlier before, I was also unfamiliar about accessing block website but when we Pakistanis was the facing problem of YouTube, all Pakistanis was set away from YouTube and YouTube has been blocked in Pakistan. But finally after researching I have collected such tricks to unblock YouTube without any third-party software. Therefore, today I have decided to share another trick for unblock blocked websites.

Unblock Websites by VPN:

Virtual Private Network (VPN) extends your network and makes it private means after installation or activation of VPN you can surf internet anonymously. I have seen so many third-party VPN providers, though you can create your own. Check below the list of Best VPN service providers to Unblock Websites which comes in both free and paid platform.

Hotspot Shield
Cisco VPN
LogMeIn Hamachi

Unblock Websites with Proxy:

Another method for unblocking website is Proxy tools. If you search on any search engine for proxy website you will find thousands of website which are already programmed and managed. You just have to put inaccessible website and click on the surf/go button to access it. Here are the best Proxy website to open blocked websites.


Open Blocked Websites with Browser Addon/Extensions:

The best and rated internet surfing browsers are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, so this trick is mostly for these two browsers. While searching internet I have also discovered some addon for these browser to unblock and access blocked websites easily without installing any third-party software or visiting through any proxy website. Just you have to search addon or extension for your current browser and install the addon as linked below.

For Mozilla Firefox, Install the following addons:


For Chrome Browser:

Hola Unblocker

Bottom Lines:

All the above tricks are just for information purpose. If anything not suitable for anyone who can direct contacts us. If you like it then share this with your friends and also feel free to ask any query related to above article Or other matters...THaNkS...