Make A Fake Shut Down Virus

How To Make A Fake Shut Down Virus Using Notepad:

make fake shutdown virus
Do you want to prank your friend's computer with this awesome fake shutdown virus? In this short tutorial we will show you how to make a fake shutdown virus using notepad that can shut down your friend's computer anytime when they open it. Don't worry It's a fake virus not a real one.

People use notepad to type and save some important information, But many people don't know there are many cool things that we can do with notepad. After you learn how to make a fake shut down virus using notepad, You can send it to your friend and scare them. It's funny, right? So let get start.

Make A Fake Shutdown Virus Using Notepad

Step 1 : Right click on your desktop and select new and then click on Text document

Step 2 : Copy the code given below and paste it directly to notepad that you created

 shutdown -s -t 30 -c "Warning! Your computer has affected by the virus. Your computer will shutdown automatically after 30 second and never come back again"

Step 3 : Save the above code in Notepad by click on File and select Save as 

Step 4 : Name it "Shutdown.bat" and make sure to save it as .bat extension and select "All Files" in Save as type.

Step 5 : Now open the fake shutdown virus that you created and test.

Note : It's unable to close it after you open the fake shutdown virus. The only way to close it, is to type Shutdown -a in CMD and hit enter.
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