Tujhe Ishq Ho Ye Khuda Kare... Ghazal

Tujhe Ishq Ho Ye Khuda Kare...

Tujhe Ishq Ho Ye Khuda Kare
Tujhe Koi Usse Juda Kare,,

Tere Hont Hansna Bhool Jaen
 Teri Aankh Purnam Raha Kare,

Tu Jessey Bhi Dekh Kar Ruk Pare
 Woh Nazar Jhuka Ke Chala Kare,,

To Uski Baten Suna  Kare
Tu Uski Baten Kiya kare,

Tujhe Dosti Bhi Na Aey Raas
Tu Tanha Tanha Raha Kare,,

Tujhe Hijr Ki Woh Jhari Lage
Tu Millan Ki Har Pal Dua Kare,,

Tere Khuwab Bikhrain Tooot Kar
Tu Kirchi Kirchi Chuna Kare,

Tu Nagar Nagar Phira Kare
Tu Galli Gallli Sada Kare,,

Tujhe Ishq Par Bhi Ho Yaqeen
Use Tasbeehon Pe Parha Kare,,

Phir Main Kahoon Ishq Dhong Hai
 Tu Nahin Nahin Kiya Kare,,,
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