How To Make Your Internet Faster

How To Make Your Internet Faster(Windows XP, Vista, 7,8)

make your internet faster
Slow internet connection is the annoying thing that many people don't want to have. If your internet download speed is slow or your internet connection took long time to load the page, Don't worry today we will teach you how to make your internet faster by change DNS server in the control panel. There are many tricks and tips that also can increase internet speed, but we will show you the effective one. 
These days, many people are having a slow internet speed and it's an annoying thing that they don't want to have. There are a lot of task, homework, assignment that they have to complete by researching on the web, Fast internet speed also help them out to get the job done well. So let move to the tutorial.

How To Make Internet Your Faster

Change DNS Server:

In here we will walk you through step by step on how to change DNS servers that can increase your internet speed to maximum. Make sure to follow the step correctly for better result.

Step 1 : Open Control Panel

Step 2 : Go to Network and Internet >>> Network and Sharing Center

Step 3 : Click on Local Area Connection >>> Select Properties

Step 4 : Find and double click on "Internet Protocal Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)"

Step 5 : Tick on "Use the following DNS server addresses"

Step 6 : Fill up the DNS server like the same down below :

Preferred DNS Server : 
Alternate DNS Server :


Preferred DNS Server :
Alternate DNS Server : 

Step 7 : Click OK and Restart your computer

Note : If you don't understand the step clearly, You can watch a video tutorial at the end of the article. 

Cleaning Up Your Computer:

No matter how fast your internet is, If there are a lot of junk files and temporary files in your system, Your internet speed and system performance will drop. Also, there are many program installed in your computer and running on the background, Those programs that running in the desktop can slow down your internet speed also.

If you have many junk files and unnecessary programs installed in your PC, you should delete them out of your system.

Scan For A Virus

Virus is a main problem that causes your fast internet to run slow. Running your system with a virus can slow down your system performance, decrease your internet speed, and cause many more problems. If there are virus in your system, make sure to scan and get rid of it. You should scan for your system once a week for better security.


That's all folks! These are very simple tricks and tips to follow. After applying the fast DNS servers provided by Google, Your internet will increase and load page faster than before. This is very useful for people who having a slow internet speeds. If you don't understand clearly on how to change DNS servers, you can watch the video tutorial down below.


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