Listen & Download Quran pak

Listen & Download Quran pak

Quran with Urdu Translation - Listen audio Tilawat of Holy Quran القرآن الكريم online at Biggtrixs in the voice of Abdul Rehman Alsudais (Imam-e-Kaba). Download Quran with Urdu translation and also listen Quran pak recitation online with English translation. Following keywords and search terms describes this page properly like, Quran Majeed Online Reading, Quran Sharif, Quran Shareef, Listen Online Audio Quran in Urdu, Quran in English, Quran Mp3 audio download, Quran Karim, Listen Quran, Al Furqan Quran e Kareem, Qur’aan, Koran, Listen to Quran e Pak, Quran telawat and Quran translation.




1SURAT AL-FATIHAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
2SURAT AL-BAQARAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
3SURAT AAL-E-IMRANStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
4SURAT AN-NISAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
5SURAT AL-MAEDAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
6SURAT AL-ANAAMStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
7SURAT AL-ARAFStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
8SURAT AL-ANFALStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
9SURAT AT-TAWBAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
10SURAT YUNUSStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
11SURAT HUDStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
12SURAT YUSUFStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
13SURAT AR-RADStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
14SURAT IBRAHIMStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
15SURAT AL-HIJRStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
16SURAT AN-NAHLStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
17SURAT AL-ISRAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
18SURAT AL-KAHFStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
19SURAT MARYAMStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
20SURAT TA-HAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
21SURAT AL-ANBIYAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
22SURAT AL-HAJJStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
23SURAT AL-MUMENOONStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
24SURAT AN-NOORStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
25SURAT AL-FURQANStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
26SURAT ASH-SHUARAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
27SURAT AN-NAMLStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
28SURAT AL-QASASStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
29SURAT AL-ANKABOOTStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
30SURAT AR-ROOMStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
31SURAT LUQMANStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
32SURAT AS-SAJDAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
33SURAT AL-AHZABStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
34SURAT SABAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
35SURAT FATIRStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
36SURAT YA-SEENStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
37SURAT AS-SAAFFATStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
38SURAT SADStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
40SURAT GHAFIRStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
41SURAT FUSSILATStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
42SURAT ASH-SHURAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
43SURAT AZ-ZUKHRUFStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
44SURAT AD-DUKHANStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
45SURAT AL-JATHIYAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
46SURAT AL-AHQAFStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
47SURAT MUHAMMADStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
48SURAT AL-FATHStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
49SURAT AL-HUJRAATStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
50SURAT QAFStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
51SURAT ADH-DHARIYATStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
52SURAT AT-TURStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
53SURAT AN-NAJMStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
54SURAT AL-QAMARStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
55SURAT AR-RAHMANStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
56SURAT AL-WAQIAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
57SURAT AL-HADIDStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
58SURAT AL-MUJADILAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
59SURAT AL-HASHRStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
60SURAT AL-MUMTAHINAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
61SURAT AS-SAFFStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
62SURAT AL-JUMUAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
64SURAT AT-TAGHABUNStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
65SURAT AT-TALAQStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
66SURAT AT-TAHRIMStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
67SURAT AL-MULKStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
68SURAT AL-QALAMStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
69SURAT AL-HAAQQAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
70SURAT AL-MAARIJStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
71SURAT NOOHStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
72SURAT AL-JINNStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
73SURAT AL-MUZZAMMILStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
75SURAT AL-QIYAMAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
76SURAT AL-INSANStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
77SURAT AL-MURSALATStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
78SURAT AN-NABAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
79SURAT AN-NAZIATStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
80SURAT ABASAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
81SURAT AT-TAKWIRStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
82SURAT AL-INFITARStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
84SURAT AL-INSHIQAQStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
85SURAT AL-BUROOJStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
86SURAT AT-TARIQStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
87SURAT AL-ALAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
88SURAT AL-GHASHIYAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
89SURAT AL-FAJRStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
90SURAT AL-BALADStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
91SURAT ASH-SHAMSStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
92SURAT AL-LAILStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
93SURAT AD-DHUHAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
94SURAT AL-INSHIRAHStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
95SURAT AT-TINStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
96SURAT AL-ALAQStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
97SURAT AL-QADRStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
98SURAT AL-BAYYINAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
99SURAT AZ-ZALZALAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
100SURAT AL-ADIYATStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
101SURAT AL-QARIAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
102SURAT AT-TAKATHURStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
103SURAT AL-ASRStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
104SURAT AL-HUMAZAStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
105SURAT AL-FILStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
106SURAT QURAISHStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
107SURAT AL-MAUNStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
108SURAT AL-KAUTHERStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
109SURAT AL-KAFIROONStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
110SURAT AN-NASRStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
111SURAT AL-MASADDStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
112SURAT AL-IKHLASStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
113SURAT AL-FALAQStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
114SURAT AN-NASStreamMP3 )DownloadMP3 )
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