How to Make a Perfect Blog

  • Starting 

Make google account

There is various field of blogging. Blogger is one of the most used blogging field. It is one of the GOOGLE product. To start blogging, you should make your google account. Google makes a standard service that one google account, all the google services. Make a google account then type in address bar and login to the blogger.

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  • Find a good topic 

First of all, you should find the best topic to blog. The topic may me political, environmental, personal and any other. But the topic should be user’s preferable which attracts the users or internet users. Writing about your loving matter If the writing is your loving matter that can be the best for you because we all love to write and read about the loving matters. If you choose to write your loving matter that cannot be annoying but that can be loving or interesting. So it is better that if you write about your loving things.
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  • Marketing 

Marketing is also the considering aspect of the web world.

  • Interaction


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It is most important that the interaction with the users. Interaction ensures users that it is more preferable or useful for their problems

  • Easy commenting 

Easy commenting helps more traffic on your blog or site. It is one of the most useful interacting method between the blogger and users and also among the users. So, easy commenting technique is more important for your blog or site.
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  • Ignore negative comment 

Sometimes you can see negative views on your comment box but if you see these, you should no longer be bad tempered but ignore these matters. Sometimes negative views can be vulgar, that should be deleted. These matters also can be your traffic source because some people likes these things and they can hit your blog.
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  • Make easy reading 

Your blog post should look easily readable and good looking Font of the text should be matching with the sites design. Color combination of the blog or site should be good and all the designing should be good looking for the content you posting.

  • Keep on posting

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At least you should post about your topic in a week. Don’t bother with the posting. Constant posting helps to find the crawler to find your site. So don’t stop posting.

  • Use social networks


Social networks like facebook, twitter, instagram etc. are the best fields to promote your blog or website. From these social networks, your friends or relative will know what you are posting or what your site about.
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